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Doh (!?), Erm ... Ack!

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Thursday May 24 2007

and on

24/05/07, Colin BrownBlair commits to nuclear future as plans for five new power plants are revealed, Source.

Wednesday May 23 2007

It just goes on and on. Dumplings and nitwits.

21/05/07, David Ebner, Shell eyes nuclear power in oil sands, Source.
23/05/07, Cúpula do G8 é ´teste decisivo´ para EUA sobre clima, diz ONU, Source.
22/05/07, Jeremy Lovell, U.S. aims to stop G8's tough push on global warming, Source.

23/05/07, Thair Shaikh, Darling to unveil a nuclear future, Source.
16/05/07, Cahal Milmo, Live Earth? It's a waste of time, Geldof tells Gore, Source.

Saturday May 19 2007

Well ... next-to-last word then; 19/05/07, NYT Editorial, Can Cities Save the Earth?, Source.

Somebody smarter than me could devise a political index, call it 'psychological distance' and relate it to effectiveness, willingness to listen to the electors, even 'identify' with the electors ... blah blah blah ...

A-and a sort-of related idea on the relative environmental efficiency of apartments and town-houses from my friend Martin (Which is Greener, Houses or Apartments?, and, More on Which is Greener, Houses or Apartments?). Reminds me of a lecture in Architecture School given by a guy who proposed three-storey walk-ups as 'the answer'.

Friday May 18 2007

Giving President Bush the 'last word' since, according to the Editorial, there wasn't one: 18/05/07, NYT Editorial, Rose Garden Charade, Source.

Monday May 14 2007

04/05/07, Spiegel, The Worst May Be Avoidable, Source.

Spiegel quote 2004 numbers as follows (seven silver bullets):
Energy Supply 26%, Industry 19%, Transportation 13%, Living and Working 8%, Forestry 17%, Agriculture 14%, Refuse and Sewage 3%.
Energy Supply 26%Industry 19%Transportation 13%Living and Working 8%Forestry 17%Agriculture 14%Refuse and Sewage 3%

14/05/07, Daniel Howden, Deforestation: The hidden cause of global warming, Source.

The Independent tells us there is but a single silver bullet:
Deforestation 25%, Transport 14%, Industry 14%, Aviation 3%.

A-and Al Gore figgures rock-n-roll will save the day ... Live Earth, I doubt it. Oh well, the one in Copacabana is free so why not? ... but Madonna?

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