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Up, Down.

This is just a jumble, sorry. Most of the news sites take their posts down after a few days so I have not included a clump of links I had collected on developments in Darfur. So it goes. Later I will transcribe a comment by Kurt Vonnegut on computers which explains it all.

First, Cargill, Brasil, Rio de Janeiro:

24/04/07, Amazônia, Proteção da Amazônia une Greenpeace e McDonald's, Source.
13/04/07, AP, Brazilian judge orders reopening of Cargill's Amazon River port, Source.
29/06/06, Iberê Thenório, Sob pressão, Cargill admite que vai assinar pacto contra escravidão, Source.
13/04/07, ORM, Porto da Cargill é reaberto em Santarém, Source.
13/04/07, ORM, Cargill fala sobre reabertura do porto de Santarém, Source.
12/04/07, ORM, Liminar autoriza reabertura do porto da Cargill, Source.
24/04/07, Marc Kaufman, New Allies on The Amazon - McDonald's, Greenpeace Unite To Prevent Rainforest Clearing, Source.
16/04/07, Monte Reel, In Rio, Death Comes Early, Source.

Al Gore John BairdA-and on k-k-k-Canada's 'reponse' to Kyoto:

David Suzuki speaks to John Baird (video with a silly advertisement tacked on).

"It's not enough John."
David Suzuki.

19/04/07, Steven Chase, Ottawa rolls out 'validators' to bolster anti-Kyoto stand, Source.
19/04/07, Tenille Boboguore, Kyoto would 'manufacture a recession': Baird, Source.
28/04/07, Globe, Al Gore says Tories' green plan a 'fraud', Source.
28/04/07, Editorial, The Kyoto quandary, Source.
28/04/07, Globe, Text of Baird's response to Gore, Source.
27/04/07, John M. Broder & Marjorie Connelly, Public Remains Split on Response to Warming, Source.

Kurt Vonnegut (God bless 'im!):

"And we have contraptions like computers that cheat you out of becoming. Bill Gates says, 'Wait till you can see what your computer can become.' But it's you who should be doing the becoming, not the damn fool computer."



from 'A Man Without a Country'.

Miss IndiaGoogle Sergey Brin Larry PageThis little exercise, with the links mostly laid out and ready to go, took me FOUR hours. And it is nothing and less than nothing. I have not commented on the mealy-mouthed Globe and Mail editors' comments on Baird's ridiculous 'plan' - their conniving aquiecence to his self-serving and oil-company-serving tar-sands-serving shit. Sigh ...

Miss Tammy FayeDumb Dumber Jim Carrey Jeff DanielsNot enough time to become and to do this too - that's what it amounts to. And no Tags either, but wtf, Technorati tags don't work anyway!

A-and Blooger's new edition leaves less and less possible tinkering with their silly user-interface. All-in-all - an increasingly losing proposition for me.

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