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Manifest Absurdity

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Up, Down.

Friday May 11 2007

Spencer Tunick Mexico CitySpencer Tunick Mexico CitySpencer Tunick Mexico City

But really the whole thing is becoming the Emperor's New Clothes - Spencer Tunick's got it right!

I guess if the zipper teeth really are diamond chips, we can maybe hope this Judge, wazizname ... Roy L. Pearson Jr. (emphasis on the Jr.) pulls an auto-Bobbit - since Lorena is probably busy on the lecture circuit (... naw, she went back to being a hair stylist).

Continuing the tooth imagery ... IPCC gets its teeth pulled? Third stroke is, "well, 800 billion more-or-less, and everything's gonna be OK kids." Demonstrating once again the pervasive influence of Tinkerbelle and the tooth fairy in UN affairs.

Not even worth going into the latest Mountie incompetence - they just let Air India Flight 182 go on by. James Bartleman is daemonized for saying it until Serge Carignan comes along and sorta 'corroborates'.

Lula threatens the environmentalists of Rio Madeira with nuclear plants if they don't knuckle under to his hydroelectric plans, and goes flat-out for the San Francisco diversion - everybody is on auto-destruct.

I've been sittin' down studyin' the art of love;
I think it'll fit me like a glove.
I want some real good woman to do just what I say.

Everybody gotta wonder what's the matter with this cruel world today.

Tuesday May 8 2007

Editorial, Hypocrisy on parade, Source.
Reuters, Naked man superglued ..., Source.
Sandy Cohen, Paris Hilton's jail ..., Source.
Lubna Takruri, $65-million suit ..., Source.
Rex Murphy, ... utter lunacy, Source.

"The manifest absurdity of it is too obvious to require explanation."
     Melvin Welles.

"Either these pants are woven with platinum threads, or the zipper teeth are composed of fragments of the Hope diamond."
     Rex Murphy.

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