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Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI

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Up, Down.

A Visita do PapaWednesday May 9 2007

This cartoon by Ernani Diniz Luca / Nani in the Jornal do Brasil will be incomprehensible to many of you. In Rio children beg at stoplights, selling candies like the little girl pictured or juggling. And yes, juggling with flaming sticks; because there are enough of them that there is competition and the best act gets the most 'esmola'. And there are often people there in wheelchairs or on crutches, with no legs or with some palsy, not shown in this particular view. I hope this puts a different shine and a different colour on the Pope's smile for you.

07/05/07, Jens Glüsing, Defending the Powerless in Brazil, Source.

Monday May 7 2007

08/05/07, Presidente da CNBB: educação sexual leva à promiscuidade, Source.

“I am, of course, isolating only one element in Christianity, but cruelty, terror, intolerance, and hatred within any religion always mean that God has been replaced by the devil, and such things are always accompanied by a false kind of literalism.”
     Northrop Frye, The Double Vision.

Dom Geraldo Majella Cardeal Agnelo:
Geraldo MajellaGeraldo MajellaGeraldo MajellaGeraldo Majella

Dom Erwin Kräutler:
Erwin KräutlerErwin KräutlerErwin KräutlerErwin KräutlerErwin Kräutler

Monday May 7 2007

“The force of Latin America’s harsh social reality is stronger than Rome’s ideology, so the theology of liberation still has a great deal of vitality. It is true it doesn’t have the visibility it once had and is not as controversial as it once was, but it is very much alive and well.”
     Leonardo Boff.

07/05, Larry Rohter, As Pope Heads to Brazil, a Rival Theology Persists, Source, Ditto in Spiegel.

Joseph Ratzinger / Pope Benedict XVIJoseph Ratzinger / Pope Benedict XVIJoseph Ratzinger / Pope Benedict XVI

hino a Liberation Hymn
pirâmide In the land of mankind,
Conceived of as a pyramid,
There are few at the top,
And many at the bottom,

In the land of mankind,
Those at the top
Crush those at the bottom.
Oh, people of the poor,
People subjected to domination,
What are you doing standing there?
The world of mankind must be changed,
So arise people, don’t stand still.

Wikipedia - Liberation Theology, Teologia da libertação.

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