segunda-feira, abril 16, 2007

May-be so, May-be not

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Wednesday April 18 2007

18/04/07, Brain Laghi, May doesn't belong in leaders debates, NDP say, Source.

Donkeys were made for this ... Hee! Haw!

Monday April 16 2007

"That's no ordinary rabbit." Tim the Enchanter.

Rabbit of CaerbannogRabbit of CaerbannogRabbit of CaerbannogRabbit of Caerbannog

13/04/07, Jane Taber, Green leader to get free ride from Liberals, (Source).
13/04/07, Jane Taber, Dion, May confirm election deal, (Source).
13/04/07, Statement by the Hon. Stéphane Dion, Leader, Liberal Party of Canada and Elizabeth May, Leader, Green Party of Canada, (Source).
14/04/07, Rex Murphy, Hardly a party you'd call true Grit, (Source).
14/04/07, Lawrence Martin, The May-Dion duet is one worth dancing, (Source).
14/04/07, Editorial, Dion's perplexing deal with the Greens' May, (Source).
14/04/07, Jane Taber, Insiders shocked by Green-Grit deal, (Source).
15/04/07, Brian Laghi, May blasts Layton over lack of party co-operation, (Source).
15/04/07, Comments on the above, (Source).

Rabbit of Caerbannog - the 'Vorpal' Bunny.
Spiegel: 'Crazed Hare' Attacks Austrian Couple.

Lest I be accused of taking this all too lightly ... Elizabeth May and Stéphane Dion have obviously decided to do it a little differently. The self-righteous fulminations of the NDP and the Globe and Mail's editorial board on the issue are so transparently silly that I do indeed take it seriously. If May and Dion have made a mistake, time will tell, the polls on election day in Central Nova will tell; but regardless of the outcome they deserve applause in my estimation for at least trying to get us out of the hermetically sealed box of partisan politics.

There is a poem by Leonard Cohen that I would like to include here (again) about a Blue Butterfly ...

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