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Canada, Fascism, Public Evil

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Thursday, June 1, 2006

Quite a reasonable editorial today and some follow-up on the Canadian abandonment of the Geneva Conventions on treatment of prisoners:
The Taliban as prisoners, (Archive).
Transfer deal for detainees called lacking in safeguards, (Archive).

"The Taliban ... deserve to be treated humanely by whoever is holding them." It is inferred that since some steps have been taken in this direction it is not necessary to abide by the Geneva Conventions.

I find it hard not to agree with the Editorial - but I am not taking down these posts yet.

In other news from Afghanistan, the 'terps' (interpreters) are having a hard time between a rock and another rock: Terrified terps: Translating for foreign troops proves perilous for many Afghans. I wonder how many Canadian soldiers are being trained in Afghani languages? ... Not so simple; two official languages, Farsi and Pashto; and dozens of other languages and dialects.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Might as well call a spade a spade. As I said below, this is still the thin edge of the wedge, but it is being driven a little farthur in each day now.

We still have the RCMP stonewalling on Ian Bush's death. And now we have abandoned the Geneva Convention. What's next I wonder?

I thought I would just sketch this out so as not to forget and maybe fill it in tomorrow.

Northrop Frye's epochs: State of the Union, and the notions of what it means to be in the fourth and final, the Demotic, vulgar, common.

The notion that a virtue can become a vice, through excess for example; but that a vice cannot be sensibly turned into a virtue except through an ideology that progressively twists language to make it appear so. I have touched on Vice and Virtue here too, at Easter time: Renacimento.

Demotic vulgarity is the perfect environment for such twisting, the perfect audience. If they will suck up the Da Vinci Code they will suck up anything.

Even our lovely Governor General, Michaelle Jean, can't wait to visit our soldiers in Afghanistan. I am not sure what she wants to find there. She has been refused permission so far.

In the dictionary definition of Fascism there is "typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism". The belligerent aspect is that Canadian bourgeois complacency and our increasingly dishonest passive-aggressive left-lib sensibility. The racism works itself out against the environment instead of some different coloured tribe. Otherwise the pattern works for me.

There is no hedge whatsoever that I can see. Nowhere to run from global warming - Newfoundland actually looks like a pretty good spot for it. Nothing to be done about these governments - the muggles are getting exactly what they vote for.

Funny, isn't it, how simple silly stories come true - King Canute ordering the tide not to come in and so on.

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