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OK then, here ya go - SEX!

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Bremelanotide / PT-141 - Viagra For All - Forro!

Bremelanotide / PT-141 (the PT is for Palatin Technologies, Inc.) is a short cyclic peptide with the sequence Ac-Nle-cyclo[Asp-His-D-Phe-Arg-Trp-Lys]-OH, aka bremelanotide-is, a 'melanocortin agonist' (whatever that is - I will decipher this terminology a bit later). To be taken nasally with an atomizer.

Pssst pssst, and presto-whiffo he, she or it is horny! Or maybe that would have to be whiffo-presto in this case.

Click to Enlarge / Click para Aumentar"Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."

Bert Lahr, Ray Bolger, Judy Garland, and Jack Haley; in the 1939 movie version of Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz.

Yesterday's Spiegel had this: Increasing Sexual Appetite, The New Viagra for Women (Archive). This time there looks like there might be some discussion, no telling what calibre yet.

Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarAnd today I noticed this: Love, Sex and Tenderness, Dr. Sommer, the Birds and the Bees (Archive), also with a discussion. Here is a link to Dr. Sommer's website (in German): Bravo. Regarding a few re-prints from Bravo, Spiegel very properly informs us that, "... sensitive parts of this image have been censored to adhere to American anti child pornography laws.", but when I went to the Bravo site I couldnt find anything that needed the modest little yellow smiley-face blockers, maybe I didn't look hard enough. (?)

They say Viagra is a 2 billion $ a year business now. I tried it a few times; it works, but the side effects - a day-long headache with muscle aches, some other stuff - make it not for regular use unless you are some kinna seriously insecure neurotic or masochist. I have talked to quite a few other guys on the subject and they generally share this observation. Call me old-fashioned, a SNAG, what ever, but I like surprises; using Viagra took a very important part of the fun out of it for me. I tried Cialis too, better in some ways, lasts all day and so on, but about the same side effects - and, well, call me an anti-determinist, 'takes two to tango' and if there aren't two tango-in' then I say skip it.

But neither of these drugs pretends to have anything to do with desire, libido. Bremelanotide / PT-141 / 'Passion' as described in Spiegel and elsewhere does, and it is for everyone, men and women together. Universal sexual panacea; McNookie!

Interesting that most of the commentators have been calling it 'for women'. The makers are quite clear - it works on everyone (and possibly everything as well giving new meaning to the term 'fuck rat').

Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarWho can forget Jane Fonda in the Orgasmotron or whatever it was called, in the 1968 film Barbarella, after which so many strip clubs have been named - or did the clubs come first?.

Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarThe notion of achieving full-on desire and arousal by simply taking a whiff frightens me. Nevermind 'notion' - this looks very much like a fact. I can see that the manager of a whore-house/termas in Rio might like it, or a porn producer - more money to be made from girls who are not pretending, where there is no longer any distinction between verisimilitude and the real thing. An element of possible coercion there too which could be disturbing. Or, what the hell, pipe it straight into the air-conditioning of your disco a-and charge more at the gate, whiffo-presto!

Bottom line? Think I'll just stick with the original equipment thanks.

Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarLeonore Tiefer (looks sorta like Dr. Ruth eh?) is a clinical psychologist specializing in sexuality and sexuopharmaceuticals. From what I read she looks like a feminist too, which is unfortunate - when will these experts-with-a-chip figgure out something as simple as 'it takes two to tango'? She says (paraphrasing) drugs like Viagra are OK for men, the simplistic penis-o-philes, but women are different (better?) blah blah blah, ho hum.

That said, her website, FSD (Female Sexual Disfunction) Alert carries the message that FSD is a myth, includes a detailed 'manifesto' (her term), and is definitely worth a look.

She got this right: "The pharmaceutical industry wants women to think that sexual problems are simple and offers drugs as magic fixes." But darlin', they want men to think the same don't they? Want 'em to Go! Buy those Silver Bullets! Buy! Buy! BUY! So the drug companies and their minions can make megabucks and go in turn to buy Jaguars a-and autonomous underground houses a-a-and trophy wives to live in 'em.

"Everybody knows that the naked man and woman
Are just a shining artifact of the past." Lennie Cone.

"technology to wipe out truth is now available. not everybody can afford it but it's available.", sez Bob, yeah.

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Valeu, David. Forte abraço.

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Nenhum artigo sobre o PCC?

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