segunda-feira, maio 22, 2006

Got it, needed 'Sex'

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Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarThis blog is not that much visited, no problem really; I have been told quite directly by piper friends that my neurotic geek-speak is offputting. But when I saw the Spiegel article on Bremelanotide / PT-141 on Saturday and posted with links to Technorati - well Goodness Gracious, Wowee Zowee! Not only doubled the number of you coming here but some of you browsed around a bit and even commented. Truth be told, this last point is really what I am glad of - it does take a certain amount of energy to keep it up and feedback is good.

Another post of mine on the brutal slaughter of the Newfoundland baby seals included a pic of Pamela Anderson; a bit of nothing in a bit of nothing more than a $ sign - that one got a lot of hits too.

There was an e-mail circulating a week or so ago soliciting hits at This guy needs our support!, and I did notice that he got his two million hits the same day unless he was dicking with whatever site counter he uses - don't think so.

One of my favourite apparently-airhead-but-maybe-not blogs, Grouchy Old Cripple in Atlanta, publishes a weekly feature called 'Saturday Boobage'. Fun.

Fully 90% of the e-mail I get is spam, and most of that is advertising for porn sites.

One and one and one is three, QED.

Maybe I am just repressed. I didn't think so but my colleague Martin pointed out that the first comment I left on his blog was around his coining of the term 'pornohapsy'. A clue.

Sex drives the Internet, everybody knows that; that there is possibly an up-side to it, not just in selfish terms either friends, is a sorta revelation, bit of an epiphany here.

Like Pynchon said somewhere, "Slow Learner".

Patricia Namayira (above) posed for a perfume ad; someone thought it was racist; I didn't, you can check it out at: Juan Gatti campaign for In Black.

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