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Slugs and Maggots

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They are slow, but they are steady and numerous and they work night & day at destroying your garden. They are the men & women in control; the politicians, lawyers, bureaucrats and government scientists, and the language that they speak is


(Sorry about this, I will post later sometime, maybe, on my overall unworthiness and how everything I say just seems to be getting shriller and shriller. I'm losing it, can't be denied any longer.)

On Global Warming:
Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarLowell Wood of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory wants to build huge mirrors in near space, and put up reflective dust-clouds, and more; and he wants to build a station on the moon to accomplish it; he says, "It appears, of all the things I have heard discussed, to be the most economical and readily implemented." Globe: Going to extremes to fight global warming. (Archive).

Economical? Readily implemented? This is nuts. The language is crazy.

The way to deal with it is to stop squandering the energy in the first place, and replace CO2 producing technologies with totally CO2 free solar and related renewables.

Since this process will involve some 'consciousness raising', it is just possible that we will be able to deal with the effects of what has already been done to the atmosphere a little more gracefully. Hell, if we started treating the environment with respect there is no telling where it could end - we might even begin treating one another well.

On Prisoners of War:
Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarBrigadier-General David Fraser, Canada's top man in Afghanistan says he feels comfortable with the way detainees are treated after Canadian soldiers hand them over to Afghan authorities, despite one estimate that nearly a third of them are abused or tortured. "The Afghan people here are not all torturers," he says, "We respect the laws and the rights of individuals. We will make sure those rights are maintained and nothing bad happens to those people." Globe: General defends detainee policy - High-ranking Canadian soldier in Afghanistan addresses concerns about prison abuse. (Archive).

Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarHow can someone say, "We will make sure nothing bad happens to those people," and expect to be taken seriously? If they wanted anything of the kind they would adopt the international standard - the Geneva Conventions - and insist that it be followed.

What they want is a free rein, and if things go wrong they will apologize. Well, OK then - we trust you, we have forgotten all about Shidane Arone in Somalia (and others) that the boys of the Canadian Airborne Regiment treated so well in 1993.

On Nuclear Waste:
Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarNatural Resources Minister Gary Lunn says, "Today as part of the government's plan to deliver clean air, water, land and energy to our citizens, we are making a funding commitment of $520-million over five years to clean up the waste from past activities," he said at a news conference. "This plan will reduce risks and liabilities over the long term and is consistent with international best practices." Globe: Nuclear cleanup plan would store waste in caves near Ottawa River. (Archive).

Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarGary Lunn has been a carpenter, superintendent, human resources guy, lawyer - and after a few weeks on the job he knows about what to do with Nuclear Waste? No disrespect to him, he looks like a real nice guy, has a wife and small children and I bet he does his best for them, knows CPR and is a Ski Patroller and all.

But it is the language: 'reduce risks and liabilities', who can argue with that? But when you are talking about a 10,000 year risk I guess you will have to tell me how much you have reduced it eh? And 'international best practices' - there is an ISO standard for Nuclear Waste I suppose? There are no international best practices for storing Nuclear Waste - the stuff is all sitting out in fields waiting for someone to come up with any kind of practice nevermind a 'best' practice.

This plan is nonsense - it is really nothing more than "out of sight, out of mind." The future generations? Right, let them worry about it.

The half-billion they want to spend on this is just for the 'low-level' (how low?) waste from three laboratory installations. What about the spent fuel rods from the real-live nuclear power plants?

I had a nice letter from him in the mail - telling me that "all aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle are strictly regulated." Man! In my younger days I was once asked by AECL if there was any way that Artificial Intelligence could help them figgure out the operating manuals that they had for a Nuclear Power Station - the manuals ran to some 20 feet of bookshelves, and they were afraid that there might be some contradictions in there.

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