domingo, setembro 17, 2006

... and Keep On Laffin'.

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rir pra não chorar / laugh so not to cry

And when finally the bottom fell out
I became withdrawn,
The only thing I knew how to do
Was to keep on keepin' on like a bird that flew,
Tangled up in blue.

most of the life goes on underneath eh? in that swampy steaming subconscious soup, in the 'fundament' as it were, trite but true, among all the porn on this Internet thing it turns out to be non-trivial to find an (even apparently) sincere and authentic laugh or smile, there are some ...

Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarClick to Enlarge / Click para AumentarClick to Enlarge / Click para AumentarClick to Enlarge / Click para Aumentarthe Israeli cluster bombs left many unexploded 'bomblets' in Lebanon they tell me this morning, similar to the once ubiquitous 'land mines disguised as toys', tricks of the trade

the worlds' languages seem to have been similarly 'mined', the Pope's remarks continue to provoke reaction, most presenting one kind of bigotry or another from what I can see, I can't raise the energy to post links to all the sources, you know it's true

The President of Sudan, Omar Hassan al-Bashir, 'may permit' (ever so graciously) the West to assist the African Union (AU) peacekeepers, looks like he wants hardware and money not soldiers

I listened to Michael Ignatieff on the radio this morning. He sounds like one of those Sensitive New Age Guys (SNAGs); grant you he was interviewed by some feminist CBC valkyrie (with her horns on by the sound of it - good radio!) so maybe he was a teensy-wee bit on the defensive. It is the voice that gives it away; rising inflection at the end of sentences that are not really questions, a softness that is not soft, using strong emotional phrases with no trace of emotion. Nevermind the rhetorical tricks; all the time repeating irrelevant bits, especially when talking about his 'family tradition of service'; blah blah blah. It is this last point that gave me a clue - maybe that is where he learned to be so apologetic (and tentative and contingent) about his opinions - growing up in a family that had their stance all figgured out. Pierre Trudeau came from rich blood too but his opinions always seemed to be his own. This guy looks like he is trying to thread the needle, a 'man of wax' (let's just see how long it takes to find out which play that came from eh? 12:50pm ... 12:53 pm, not bad I guess)

Lady Capulet (Juliet's mother), Act 1 Scene 3:
              The valiant Paris seeks you for his love.
Nurse:        A man, young lady! lady, such a man
              As all the world - why, he's a man o' wax.
Lady Capulet: Verona's summer hath not such a flower.
Nurse:        Nay, he's a flower; in faith, a very flower.

well, these wax-men do seem to melt when they fly too high ...

for another laugh today there is Margaret Wente having the effrontery to criticize ol' wazzername? ... the ex-Governor General? ... oh yeah, her eminently shallow and forgettable Majesty Adrienne Clarkson (and her equally shallow and forgettable husband John Ralston-Railston-Raulston Saul): 16/09/06, Margaret Wente, Mme. Clarkson settles a few scores, and Letters by Rita Griffin-Short, Nick Sopinka, Robert Marjoribanks, and all in the (Archive), with a bit of luck 'herself' will be silly enough to respond tomorrow ... doesn't look like it ... I sent them one which they declined to print (as usual):

Dear Globe: I am surprised at you!
I thought the 'letters policy' was to avoid contentious and unsupported statements? But today I read on your pages that "Most Canadians firmly believe that Adrienne Clarkson was the best governor-general we ever had." Was She Really? The very very best? (I wouldn't normally capitalize the 'She' but hey, I think She likes it that way.)

This statement cannot go unchallenged.

In my humble opinion, she didn't and couldn't (and certainly wouldn't) hold a candle to our current Governor General, Michaëlle Jean; who aside from being smart and beautiful, has a heart and is not afraid to let it show sometimes. A-and I am not certain (eh?) but I think very many if not most Canadians would agree with me.

Rex Murphy did the job (Good on 'im!): 23/09/06, Rex Murphy, Adrienne Clarkson: the personal and the political, (Archive).

anyway, I like the term 'boobage' which I first encountered on Denny Wilson's 'Grouchy Old Cripple in Atlanta' blog, shades & levels ... he is just referring to tits, it seems to be catching on though and there is more to it than just naked breasts (lovely as they are), gets me smilin' just to say it

Timothy Leary said the ability to see shades and levels in language is a valuable quality, enhanced by LSD he said, I'm not recommending it (the LSD that is), two good friends of mine said to me that X (XTC, Extasy, MMDA ... whatever) opens your heart and enhances sex, I haven't tried that one but I believe it's true, they eventually broke up though, I hear that MMDA has sone nasty long-term side-effects too but it is hard to tell if that is just right-wing propaganda

Fluoxetine / Prozac, a friend of mine took it and I didn't like what it did to him, Viagra gave me bad headaches, the new one Bremelanotide / PT-141 for the libido, Propranolol to arrange memories, Dapoxetine Hydrochloride to prevent premature ejaculation ... the list goes on, I don't want any of it, even the Indocid / Indomethacin I take to ease the pain of my gout ... well yeah, I take it when the pain gets too bad, I resist but it is hard - anyone with gout will tell you it is excruciating at times, at least Indocid is not a steroid eh? but it wrecks my head, I thought it was just me but the quack told me it affects lots of people the same way - makes 'em moony & stupid, there ya go! boobage!

when it comes to drugs I'm with Robert Bly who called them short cuts in his book Iron John, if it's true bliss you are looking for then taking the short cuts really don't wash even if your head goes golden for a while, I watched Robert Altman's film of that name too, Short Cuts, one of his better ones

laughter now, there's a good drug!

Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarClick to Enlarge / Click para AumentarClick to Enlarge / Click para AumentarClick to Enlarge / Click para Aumentargiving someone even a rat's ass worth of authentic concern is a good drug too, and it does so work both ways, somewhere down there are some pictures showing rare concern & tenderness, here, I'll post them again, they are by a guy called Brent Stirton, an odd sort of fellow if his interests are any measure, compassionate witness sure enough demonstrates concern too eh?

I haven't seen anyone else using 'correctitude' yet, I claim that one

"For the love of God, y'all take pity on yourselves."

says brother Bob, God bless 'im!

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