segunda-feira, fevereiro 05, 2007

Love never faileth

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It is hard to keep a good man down (for long) - Andrew Weaver just says ... well, here is what I read in the Globe:

"One of the scientists who worked on the IPCC report, University of Victoria professor Andrew Weaver, said he hoped it would finally put to rest any lingering doubt that climate change is happening and will have dramatic effects if not brought under control.

Asked if he is personally worried about climate change, Dr. Weaver, chief editor of the Journal of Climate and one of Canada's leading academic researchers on global warming, said he's old enough that the most profound changes probably won't occur in his lifetime. But he's fearful of what later generations may have to deal with. “I'm 45. I got maybe, if I'm lucky, 40 years on this planet. I'll just be kicking off,” when the big changes start to occur, he said."

There it is, a Canadian has a few words, not bad ... but our friend Leonardo Boff says better, he says, "wait a minute boys! maybe this is a' opportunity here!" ... yeah, I like that kinna' talk; check him out:

05/02/07, Leonardo Boff, Opinião: Somos todos africanos, (Archive).

A-and I have to admit that I actually welcome it - "and it's one two three, what're we fightin' for? don't ask me I don't give a damn, next stop is Vietnam, and it's five six seven open up the Pearly Gates, ain't no time to wonder why, yipee we all gonna die." - that kinna' stuff, let all this shit end and maybe out of the ashes comes something ... God knows. So, "strengthen the things which remain" like it says in Revelations, which in this case would be the youngsters eh? anybody south of 25 or 30 and their kids.

A-and maybe we are all goin' down, ok, but for me I am goin' down smilin'.

Gentileza gera gentileza, be well.

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