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Giddy Al Gore

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Up, Down.

Horse-laugh 'Hee Haw' is not good enough by far.

It was clear to me from the outset that brother Al was straying - I thought it was lack of imagination when I first heard of these concerts and that's what I think now as well.

We've all been there. You get some applause for something-or-other and you find yourself on the point ... and you choke, vertigo, giddiness. It's OK Al, you did a good thing with Inconvenient Truth which is now walking on its own legs, good on ya! Sorry you flubbed with Live Earth. Sharing a stage with Madonna should have given you a clue; but hey, I have no idea of what she is like up-close, enchanting I guess ...

What none of the pundits (lined up below) have done is get beyond the 'Hee Haw'.

My short answer is this: There is no White Knight, no Man From Glad, gonna show up and fix this thing. The Green party is not gonna fix it because Government can't fix it. A-and obviously the Oil Barons are not going to suddenly change their stripes. The collective statistical myths will have to be sorted out of the collective climate statistics. Each of us will have to act, within his or her personal periphery, to do what can be done. No 'movement', no 'official legitimacy'; and my bet is that nothing but this, personal choices, will actually work.

For example: Someone has to write an essay showing Nuclear Energy as the epitome of the problem rather than any kind of a solution.

One or two other things that came to mind: 1. Al Gore's choices were on a path - An Inconvenient Truth was a movie, shown in theatres ... entertainment ... so Live Earth was in that sense a consistent outcome. 2. The American Presidency is also on that path - it too has become entertainment. The real levers of power are in other rooms. 3. The pundits are just as bankrupt as the politicians they lampoon.

Be well. Whatever it is you choose to do in positive response to the arriving climate changes - talk to your neighbours about it.

A-and now, for some entertainment:

"... remember that megaphones are for blatherskites."
     Mike Baker, Dublin, Ireland.

Al Gore Live EarthAl Gore Live Earth

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