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AIDS Misinformation in Africa

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I have posted a few pictures of Lucy Kibaki in various situations. I am glad I took the time to look at her before posting on this subject. I had initially intended nothing more than a horselaugh at the feminists who shrieked about Jacob Zuma when he was aquitted of rape a while ago, and his lack of correctitude around AIDS.

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She is the wife of Kenya's President Mwai Kibaki and is widely quoted saying that condoms help the spread of AIDS. She is pushing abstinence, OK. She does not (likely) mean that having sex with a condom makes you more likely to get the disease than having sex without a condom. She means (I think) that ready availability of condoms makes sex more likely and hence AIDS. There is a certain logic there, just not politically correct logic.

In the zeitgeist of correctitude it gets more and more difficult to either say what you mean or have it understood. Whatever happened to 'grokking in its fullness'?

From the look of the woman she is admirable, a hard-noser, tough cookie; but it is difficult to tell, maybe she is just illiterate and afraid. Who knows? I don't know her, but I think she is right on several levels.

Sex is fun, yes, but sex is not just for fun. There it is eh? The girl or boy whose sex life includes only the partner they eventually settle with is lucky and blessed. I know something about this; not everything there is to know, just something. Everyone knows that sex with someone you love and who loves you too - is better. Don't they? Stop and think about it for a sec. I don't mean morally - I mean qualitatively. Big subject ...

Yahoo: Kenyan first lady furious at HIV/AIDS quackery.
Life Site: Kenya First Lady - Condom "is causing the spread of AIDS in this country."

As with the recent case of Jacob Zuma, the politically correct chaff almost completely obscures any wheat that might be there. The underpinnings of most politically correct nonsense include self-righteousness, superiority, sloppy simplistic thinking, fear ... the list goes on. I am better than you because I hold this or that view; I am an expert and opinions that you might cobble up out of your pitifully inadequate mental cupboard are simply stupid. Blah blah blah.

Life is complicated and risky. Sex is complicated and risky. With condoms, maybe "one size fits all"; but if you find a love and stick with it, you dont need 'em; A-and, sex is definitely better without condoms.

- recent article on AIDS drug development (where did it go?)

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Posted novembro 01, 2006 5:11 PM by Anonymous Anônimo /  

who care about AIDS in africa? I sure dont care. i dont even want to hear about it on tv. I just do not care and as far as my friends go, i dont think this is front of mind for them either. so cry me a river, and if you care, so be it. but dont tell me that i should care becuase i dont.

there are far too many people on the planet as is. lets talk about how we can help speed up the depopulation process. encouraging smoking is a good start. smokers die early and draw on pensions for fewer years which more than offsets their hospital stay.

Posted novembro 01, 2006 10:12 PM by Blogger David Wilson /  

i presume you mean 'who cares about AIDS in Africa'?