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Ubiquitous bungling and incompetence around anything public here, from city council to everything having to do with the arts; I guess that is what it is like in a culture funded by government and tourists where the heart has been removed. Nonetheless, there are glimpses.

Nickel Independent Film Festival, St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Newfoundland Weather, by Roger Maunder about Colleen Power - entirely forgettable narcissism except for the woman herself who introduced the show by playing two songs, I am now looking for the lyrics to Drapeau Noir, finally a Newfoundlander speaks up about Canada, it would have to be a woman and in french ...
The Seventh Dog, Zeina Durra - a believable glimpse, five dogs a boyfriend and a kidnapper, maybe the arabs will show them the way down there.
Thick & Thin, Jordan Canning - another, not so well done.
Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarClick to Enlarge / Click para AumentarClick to Enlarge / Click para AumentarLes Peids dans le Vide, Pierre Daudelin - I would have translated it 'walking on air', they did it 'Nothing Girl', haunting and tragic pubescent sexuality, what you see is very much determined by what you bring to it, tough geography, Gwenaëlle L’heureux, Renaud Gauthier. A lot of Quebeckers are naming their girl children wonderfully - Tanaquil, Phoebe, and now Gwenaëlle. This one will stay with me for a long time.
Eye on the Guy, by Philip Lewis & Jean-François Monette about Alan B. Stone - stupid gay documentary, how could they go on for so long and tell us so little about the man?

Wednesday: not much of a turnout, how did they know?
The Fighter, Mark Hesselink - a shill for a book? interesting thought but overdone
The Unfolding, Ian Thompson - best thing about it was the titles,
Two or More, Noel Harris - puns are always interesting, but not very well done
Dark Arc, Dan Zukovic - ai ai ai! a silly physiological trick, I was stuck in the middle of the row or I would have left, Paul Quarrington was apparently involved

Wormbee, Hatem Zayed - clumsy, stupid, no point
Ensemble ou Séparé?, Philippe Gauthier - interesting, relationship falls apart while they pay the cheque
Trailblazing, Lisa Hoffe - rankest feminist propaganda, transparently bullshit, done by someone at the university apparently, a professor of women's studies, but so obviously faked
Four Play, George Ungar - trivial
My Little Habitat, John Driftmier - incomprehensible personal vision of something or other, no telling what
Blackout, Anh Minh Truong - a point at least, but too slow and over dramatic
An Ordinary Family, Fredrik Gertten - the bourgeoisie doesn't suffer much before they whine a lot, more government money misspent

I missed Friday and Saturday, got sick and couldn't make it, oh well.

Changes, Lorcan Finnegan;
deep Vain, Philippe Bergeron
Une Âme nue glisse à l'eau vive, Denis Chabot
El Dia Antes de Manaña, Jorge Vanega, Julián Carerra
The Care Package, Brad Gover,
Judith, Caroline Bâcle
Keeping Up With Cathy Jones, Barbara Doran

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Posted julho 22, 2006 2:12 PM by Anonymous Anônimo /  

Just read your blog concerning my film "Les Pieds dans le Vide" and I'll have to say that I was very flattered by what you had to say about it. Not everyone seems to agree with this film so far. Those that do seem to really like it, those that don't would probably like to launch an intifada against me. Thanks for the kind words and I am glad to know that it still touches some people out there.
pierre daudelin for "Les Pieds dans le Vide"
P.S.: you might have a point with "walking on air".