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War in the Middle East

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This was in the Globe print edition but not on their website (I hope someone reads it because I had to type it in!): Amos Oz, July 19, Even Israel's peaceniks back war against Hezbollah - turns out it was printed in the LA Times as well under a different title: Hezbollah Attacks Unite Israelis.

Amos Oz (Wikipedia), Peace Now (Israel), Peace Now (America).

I have ordered Princeton University Press: How to Cure a Fanatic, Amos Oz, and will review it when it arrives next week.

In Canada, Stephen Harper seems to have it right and is sticking to his guns as usual. He sticks to his guns sometimes even when he is wrong - hard for me to fault him today although one of the Globe pundits takes a crack at it (see John Ibbitson below). Bringing home a hundred or so Canadians trying to escape Lebanon in his government jet is a good move eh? All on the way, so to speak. Shows something to me though the pundits are saying it is just a photo op.

And from the press: (Archive)
    Globe, July 19, Marcus Gee, Why we must stand with Israel.
    Globe, July 19, John Ibbitson, Struggling to find a sense of proportion.
    Globe, July 19, Jane Taber, PM insists he's onside with allies on Hezbollah.
    Globe, July 20, Editorial, Harper is right on the Mideast ....
    Spiegel, July 19, Israel Sends Ground Troops into Lebanon, discussion.
    Globe, July 21, Rick Salutin, Lebanon, Israel and obscenity, discussion.

"That which you have done — whether it be only once in your life, in one moment of stupidity or in an outburst of anger — that which you were capable of doing—even if you have forgotten, or have chosen to forget, how and why you did it—that which you have done and regretted bitterly, you may never do again. But you are capable of doing it. You may do it. It is curled up inside you."
Amos Oz, 1987, Hebrew Melodies, from The Slopes of Lebanon
Posted julho 21, 2006 2:14 AM by Anonymous El Gordo /  

Oh come on David
Harper has got it right??? You have got to be kidding and hopefully you are being sarcastic and I have supidly missed the point.
Harper has ruined Canada's reputation as a "Peace-Keeper". We are now just another surrogate of the Excited States. The solution to the "Middle East Problem" and the "Islamic Terrorist Problem" is a Palestinian State on the West Bank. That will give the Palestinians a chunk of land, a place to call home and no reason to want to wage war. Someone with a car in the Garage and a TV set in the living room has something to loose and has no desire to loose it for ideological reasons.
Give the Arabs their land and get the Hell out of their territory and that will be a start to a peace process.
What do you have to say to Condi Rice's statement that the time is not right to discuss a ceasefire in Lebanon because there is still fighting going on. That the Arabs must lay down their arms before a "Ceasefire" can be discussed. Balderdash. That has to go down as one of the great inaneities of all time.
As to Good Ole Steve diverting his plane to Cyprus and kicking off the Jounalists, (who he hates anyway) well I would believe it if he had left his wife in Paris to create an extra seat. And of course taking his personal photographer along. Well that says it all doens't it.
Yours in the Dharma?? :-)

Posted julho 23, 2006 4:57 PM by Blogger David Wilson /  

you say, 'Give the Arabs their land and get the Hell out of their territory' - was that not exactly what the withdrawl from Gaza began?

i think 'united snakes' is a better gibe than 'excited states' but maybe that is some portuguese crossing the line, 'exitar' is used mostly in reference to sexual matters

'inaneities'? i guess you meant inanities? 'lacking sense or substance'? i put this challenge to you - tell me that it makes sense to talk about Israeli atrocities without immediately comparing (and contrasting) with the actions of the arabs, please, do it if you are able

'doens't it' - i like this one, if you say it out loud it has a certain ring to it, you know what an anal-retentive and orally-fixated old presbryterian fart i am so i won't apologize for quibbling

as for Harper's photo op i guess i will wait till i see the photos that come out of it, i do like the gesture though, thinking of bureaucrats losing their seats to refugees makes me laugh, these refugees by the way are not quite, 50,000 people walking around with dual Lebanese/Canadian passports? looks like a scam to me, free (or half ways free at least) trip to Canada this year?