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Ian Bush - Not Good Enough By Far

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"The public doesn't have the right to know anything", say the RCMP, and they are sticking to it!

A little more news on this today. The Mounties are trying to bury this; that has been obvious from the outset. How can it be that in this ostensibly open democracy of Canada, such a conspiracy of silence is allowed to go on?

Globe: Mounties want to delay review of man's death, (Archive).

Ok, who has the ball, or should have it?

RCMP, Royal Canadian Mounted Police: (on-line 'Contact' form)
   Constable Paul Koester, the man responsible: totally hidden.
   RCMP: mostly hidden, simply not talking.
Federal Government of Canada:
   Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
   Minister of Public Safety Stockwell Day.
   Official RCMP Watchdog, CPC, Commission for Public Complaints.
   the man's MP, Nathan Cullen (NDP).
   Leader of the NDP, Jack Layton.
Provincial Government of British Columbia:
   Premier Gordon Campbell.
   Solicitor-General John Les.
   Attorney-General Wally Oppal.
   the man's MLA Robin Austin.
BCCLA, British Columbia Civil Liberties Association.
The Press:
   Globe and Mail, Gary Mason, looks like the only one who cares.

Collective E-mail to all of the above, except the Mounties of course who do not want to hear. (This works with Outlook, not sure about other clients.)

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Posted agosto 05, 2006 2:43 PM by Anonymous Anônimo /  

As a resident of Houston it sickens me to know that the RCMP are trying to just sweep everything about what happened to Ian under the rug. The community at large I think is beginning to lose respect for our officers.