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Curt Dagenais - Spiritwood

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First and foremost my heart goes out, and my prayers go out too, for the two who were shot and killed, and to their families who are certainly suffering greatly; especially the child who lost her mother.

This letter has been sanitized (to protect the guilty I expect), but here it is - from Curt Dagenais to the Alberta newspapers (click once on the images for a larger view):
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The Google/Blogger servers are gasping so this will likely not be completed until tomorrow.

What's to say? They shafted this guy. I don't think the Mounties know who they are anymore. All very well to be so inclusive. Sikh turbans are ok, gay couples are ok, women are ok - and none of that bothers me except that they have lost the plot in the process. All they seem to know how to do for sure is hide, avoid disclosure, avoid controversy, say nothing. Except that since they have a real job to do their angst leaves two dead and one with a ruined life. The ideology of correctitude does in three more.

Globe: Editorial, Reticence and the RCMP, (Archive).

The half-wit hand-wringers say, 'oh, he's trying to blame his troubles on the Mounties' and the like, as if that somehow made it ok that the Mounties apparently handled the whole thing very badly. But since the Mounties no longer talk publicly about anything ...

His father, Arthur Dagenais, is in jail too - till December 5! That's a long time. What about his farm? They claim he was obstructing justice. Some reports say he was just trying to get to his home which happened to be in the area they were 'combing'. They denied bail initially because he might help his son escape; but he is still in jail and his son has turned himself in. So why is a 70 year old man with nowhere to run (I would say) being held without bail? Why is he such a threat? Sounds like more of that RCMP sense of fair play - that's to say it sounds like a vendetta.

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Posted julho 31, 2006 11:43 AM by Blogger ChezHank /  

i agree that Dec.05 is too long to spend in jail with no bail for a bogus charge like "obstructing justice".My concern was for the animals also so I called the SPCA in North Battleford.They only handle small animals so i was referred to Saskatoon.As it was Saturday the voice mail told me to call the rcmp.I did this before I called the SPCA only to be told by a constable Roach to contact his lawyer.So i called the rcmp back and told them I was to call them according to the voice mail,and again I was told to contact his lawyer.
Regardless I put in a complaint to the SPCA asking that they find more resposible individuals to deal with such circumstances.
However i did hear that his cat was brought to his ex-wife after that.
Maybe W-5 will do the story that CTV Saskatoon or Regina would not!