quinta-feira, agosto 31, 2006

dialogue: talking, listening, hearing

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Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarOf course (?) the Spiegel article gives us everything but a link to the site itself. I humbly publish it here (along with the content warning): Globale Islamische Medien-Front.

I have seen the holocaust deniers exported (safely?) out of Canada, seen them tried in German courts, convicted, presumably jailed. I have seen the United Church of Canada's Lawrence Pushee smacked upside the head for his views and forced into an equivocal apology.

What I want to see is these people's views published widely and in all the languages of the planet - because when this is accomplished they will be effectively de-fanged. No one is convinced of these views through reason - they are convinced because it already suits them somehow - and the suppression, keeping them under their rocks, only contributes to the problem. This is especially true for Al-Quaida and Hizbollah and Hamas - because the language is Arabic and there are few who take the time to translate accurately (see: Hamas - National Reconciliation Document, and Hamas: National Reconciliation Document). So the pundits and the politicians are free to say what they like and fulfill the cycle of hatred through mis-information, indulge in 'war on terror' and the like nonsense.

The solution for mould in your cupboards is to open them and let in the air.

The United Church of Canada itself is useless at this - but there is a forum, the United Online, which airs civilized dialogue - and is (in my humble opinion) part of the counterforce, part of the solution.

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