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I wasn't going to post today out of respect for the dead and for our American cousins' grief.

But an article by Thomas Homer-Dixon of the Trudeau Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Toronto made me change my mind. He puts paid to some nonsense notions and introduces (to me) a sweet voice of reason, judge for yourselves: 11/09/06, Thomas Homer-Dixon, Pull up terrorism by the roots, (Archive).

Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarNow, if we could just get Jack Layton of the NDP, wazzizname at CUPE, and all and sundry in the United Church of Canada to READ it!

Also: (in the same Archive)
    11/09/06, Doug Saunders, Where ground zero began, Globe Forum.
    10/11/06, Stuart Lyster, It is tough to be a rational liberal these days, and
    27/04/04, Thomas Homer-Dixon, Remarks On The Naming Of The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Centre).
    02/10/01, Salman Rushdie, Fighting the Forces of Invisibility.
    11/09/06, George Bush, President's Address to the Nation.

A-and possibly: United Online Discussion (yup, it's on).

I have spent the day reading what I could find of Thomas Homer-Dixon (not really a surprise to find him at UofT); here's his 02/10/03, Thomas Homer-Dixon, Ingenuity Theory, (Archive).

There is also an interesting Discussion Forum at Thomas Homer-Dixon's site.

Slow Down Fast, Bruce Cockburn

L ron N ron every kind of ron con
Neocon old con got to put the brakes on
Slow down fast

Lights out veins plugged zap it with another drug
Genejacker pharma thug say hello to superbug
Slow down fast

Shills and hawkers and rockers with walkers
Bombs in the lockers and brain dead mockers
Slow down fast

One-eyed sun leering through the haze
Hordes of loveless marching while the little drummer plays
Nail in the coffin rats in the maze
Dancing arm in arm towards the looming end of days
Got to slow down

Oil wars water wars tv propaganda whores
Fire alarm met with snores no one gets what' gone before
Slow down fast

Flagwave hammer slave gonna be a close shave
Stay brave jump the grave got to save what we can save
Slow down fast

Got to slow down fast
Slow down fast
CSIS won't you tell me what you've got on me?

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Posted setembro 11, 2006 1:45 PM by Blogger zeroG /  

Great post.

Thanks for the links.