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Codfish, Newfoundland, Iceland, Canada

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Wednesday April 4 2007

04/04/07, Jeffrey Simpson, Why Canada believes its fish story, Source.
03/04/07, Margaret Wente, We are fishing our oceans to death, Source.

Sunday September 17 2006

More on the subject in The (Newfoundland) Independent: (in the same Archive)
    John Crosbie, Hear the fishes cry

Saturday September 10 2006

Two articles in The (Newfoundland) Independent today: (Archive)
    A war that's just, a (sort of) editorial by Ryan Cleary, and
    'Disrespect for this province', comments by Judge Bruce Short

Neither of them is on-line yet (this is Newfoundland eh?) but when they are I will post them, and if not I will type them in.

Iceland Cod Wars:
1893, Danish Government (of Iceland) claims 13 nautical mile (24 km) limit
1899, the British steam trawler Caspian fired upon
1958, First Cod War, claim 12 nautical mile (22.2 km) limit, shots & rammings, Britain yielded
1973, Second Cod War, claim 50 nm (92.6 km) limit, net cuttings & rammings
1975, Third Cod War, claim 200 miles (370 km), net cuttings & rammings, threatened closure of Keflavík NATO base

all settled in Iceland's favour - good on them! why can't Canada do this? It's not a 'can't' it's a 'won't' eh.

Hannes Hólmsteinn Gissurarson, author of Overfishing. The Icelandic Solution.
See, Garrett Hardin, The Tragedy of the Commons:
    The Tragedy of the Commons I, Ohio State.
    The Tragedy of the Commons II, Economics Library.

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