sexta-feira, setembro 08, 2006

Mistaken Moral Muddlers

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I should have said Misguided Moral Milksops (or maybe Mollycoddlers).

from the Globe in the past few days: (Archive)
    08/09/06, Jeffrey Simpson, Spare us the NDP's mistaken moral crusades, Globe Forum.
    09/09/06, Jeffrey Simpson, The NDP won't stop preaching to the converted, Globe Forum.
    09/09/06, Rex Murphy, Satire has forgotten its function, Globe Forum.

The big-three in Canadian correctitude: the New Democratic Party - NDP (I call them the NBP - New Baptist Party), the Canadian Union of Public Employees - CUPE, and The United Church of Canada - UCC. I have called them anti-semitic before (which I admit is stretching a point) - Jeffrey Simpson has got them pegged this morning, Good on 'im!

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