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Tensegrity Architecture

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Whenever I get down, my mind turns to nubiles but eventually winds around back to Tensegrity ... neat! The Blooger servers are struggling ... I will post some pictures after a while ...

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In the Globe this morning: What's shaking? "What if buildings could function like living systems, altering their shapes in response to changing weather conditions or the way people use them?" writes Lakshmi Sandhana in Wired magazine. "That's the vision of a new breed of architects who are working on what they think is the future of architecture -- 'responsive structures' that observe their internal and external environment and change form to suit any situation." Tristan Sterk, who is working on a set of ultra-light skyscraper towers in Chicago, is developing shape-changing building envelopes that use actuated tensegrity structures -- a system of rods and wires manipulated by pneumatic 'muscles', to serve as the building's skeleton. Imagine a high-rise tower that braces itself against sudden strong winds by distributing stresses. Or a home that shakes the snow from the roof.

Tensegrity: Found in the 50's sometime by Kenneth Snelson, grabbed from him and patented by Buckminster Fuller. Some more Snelson images on Slate.

Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarTristan d'Estree Sterk & The Office For Robotic Architectural Media & The Bureau For Responsive Architecture; and Zvi Hecker, mentioned here because in the 70's I saw some models by Hecker at the Technion in Haifa; not exactly Tensegrities but 'extensible' and 'conformable'; made out of Q-tips and Contact Cement; there was supposed to be a book, a 'thesis', but I never saw it, maybe it only came out in Hebrew. And Michael Burt ... but it was a long time ago and memories change.

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