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That's a wrap on Ian Bush

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Wednesday September 27 2006

Not just Ian Bush either: 26/09/06, Dawn Walton, Alberta Mountie got off too lightly, judges rules, (Archive).

Tuesday September 12 2006

12/09/06, Gary Mason, Ian Bush's mother is still puzzled, haunted, (Archive), Globe Forum.

Monday September 11 2006

Wally Oppal's glib acceptance of Paul Koester's story: 11/09/06, Editorial, B.C. tells an odd story in a young man's death, (Archive).

Friday September 8 2006

08/09/06, Shannon Kari, RCMP officer defends killing of Ian Bush in B.C. station, (Archive).

All very well (though I do not believe it for an instant). The fact remains that if it were I who went out one night and shot someone in the back of the head with my gun I would be in jail on the spot and I would certainly be charged, and these details would be resolved in a public court. Oh well, my my, we can't be putting RCMP Constables to all that trouble eh? Wouldn't be right, no.

There is even a picture of this Paul Koester person looking scared and pensive - unfortunately not on-line and I don't have a scanner.

Thursday September 7 2006

from the Globe: (Archive)
    07/09/06, Gary Mason, Answers needed in B.C. inquest,
    07/09/06, Editorial, How the Ian Bush investigation failed,
    07/09/06, Shannon Kari, No-charges decision defended in B.C. case.
Globe Discussion of the Issue (oops! a-and they even published mine!).

Nice that they didn't just let it slide. The man to watch is Prince George coroner Shane DeMeyer. Phrases on the editorial page like, "appalling and inexplicable length of time", and, "arrogant disregard for the basic notion that justice needs to be seen to be done"; so I said to the Globe (they will likely not publish it so I will pop it in here):

it's good to see the A-word (appalling), on the editorial page now and then, a holdover from the days when it meant something, it might have been good to see some alliteration too - 'Appallingly Arrogant' I would have said

those responsible? numerous - from Stockwell Day, down through Giuliano Zaccardelli to the 'perp' Paul Koester, and the mealy-mouthed spokes-'person' Staff Sergeant John Ward (hey! he was a mere Sargeant when this thing got started - I guess he's doin' it right eh?)

Michael Ignatieff is quoted today saying (in a quite un-related context), "[the government] has all the powers necessary to make its society flourish and grow." flourish indeed if coffee shops and call-centres are your idea of a society - the loss of trust and respect engendered by the Appalling Arrogance of those responsible for public order and justice in the case of Ian Bush will have its effects, we will all share in it and our beloved country ... ai ai ai, shame!

Wednesday September 6 2006

06/09/06, Rod Mickleburgh, Mountie won't be charged in B.C. slaying, (Archive).

silence is the rule
brief coronets sound, the
echoes damp in inverse squares
leaving only deserts and dead oceans

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