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Saturday, June 17 2006

Well, double Ha ha! The joke's still on me. I went and fixed it. Bor-ing! When I was done I noticed a comment on this post so I went and had a look at his blog. The 'Next' link belongs at the top of each post and the 'Back' link belongs at the bottom. I am not going to fix it this time. If the Blogger structure had any accessibility and features it could all be done with a few quick keystrokes - but it is not.

Wednesday, June 7 2006

Ha ha! The joke's on me!

Click to Enlarge / Click para AumentarI consider myself an expert at user interfaces - I made my living at it for decades. And I find the navigation features in Google's Blogger weak - 'less than intuitive' I call it. So I set out yesterday to install Next/Back links. And I got it backwards and upside down! I had to laugh. The structure is time driven. The latest post is at the top. But I (we?) are generally used to finding the next page in a book after the one I am on.

The main thing is to be consistent. I had already been fooling around with 'Threads' and had the notion that 'Thread back' would be a previous post on a similar topic.

I will fix it. HTML itself is soooo easy to code that it may be a while.

Which brings up the old conundrum - "fish or cut bait." Considering how much time is spent waiting for bogged-down servers and so on, the issue becomes more poignant. One thing that is faster than the speed of light is the human mind. Proof? If you are reading this then you already know. In theory, the electrons driving this computer and yours and the associated newtorks inbetween are moving at the speed of light. In practice, well ... not! More later ...

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Posted junho 11, 2006 10:32 AM by Blogger Mohammed UK /  

I know what you mean!!

I just did basic links on each page (manually cutting and pasting). It's easier now, just a few clicks each time I do a post. My blog is very new, so no big deal.

I did try and contact Blogger as well (they aren't easy to get through to).

Anyway, your solution - next/prev; next/prev on thread is a good one. You may be able to market it!

For the literary type of blog, I just want to start at post 1 and read to the present day. Blogger does not make that very easy.

Mohammed UK