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Lunar New Year / Carnaval

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February 16, Kyoto Protocol formally goes into force.

Carnaval: February 16-21:

The ones I saw on the beach at Ipanema in 2003 were fake-gold (they might have been real-gold). Two girls at the front of the parade wore them - wonderful! When you draw two spirals with a continuous line they both turn the same way although the drawing motion reverses. There is a similar confusion in the eye looking at them - especially when drawn on such delicious flesh.

These other images (cribbed from a culture famous for spirals) are from Newgrange (which is a tomb of course).

If I were going to draw three - I would make one of them turn the other way. There you go; not a neanderthal after all. The spiral galaxy has been pictured elsewhere in this blog - 'Mere' Tribalism in Nigeria, and some of Calder's spirals showed up in Marshall McLuhan - Tribal Spiral. I thought I had mentioned Olivier Marc before too, but Google says not - nevertheless, maybe I did, negative Googles prove nothing!

Many years ago I read Psychology of the House by Olivier Marc, in which he observes that in children's drawings there is a progression or evolution from the dot, to the line, to the wave, to the circle and then to the spiral. I watched my own children's drawings and did not see this pattern emerge (although the collection was hap-hazard at best and has not been preserved).

20/02/07, Jens Glüsing, Anarchy in Rio - Carnival of Death, (Source), Technorati.

Samba CarnavalSamba CarnavalSamba CarnavalSamba CarnavalSambaSambaSamba

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