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Lunar new Year / Ocean Ranger

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Ocean Ranger, February 15, 1982.

The Ocean Ranger (with 84 names).
The Ocean Ranger - Wikipedia.
Daily News Feature Stories - The Ocean Ranger.

Also that day 33 of the 37 crew on the Russian freighter Mekhanik Tarasov were lost just a few miles away; their names are not recorded.

The Last Goodbye (the link seems to have disappeared).

"There's trouble from within, the rig is listing once again,
And the gallant crew are ordered to abandon;
But the hurricane's too strong, when the morning comes she's gone,
And not a soul survives to tell us all what happened."

Support Vessels: M/V Seaforth Highlander, M/V Boltentor, M/V Nordertor:

Neighbouring rigs, Sedco 706 & Zapata Ugland, were battered but survived:

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Posted setembro 28, 2013 1:37 PM by Blogger GEST /  

In davidleewilson blogspot February 2007 about the Ocean Ranger is a four line quote from the ballad Your Last Goodbye (Bruce Moss) with lyrics and videos. Here is the missing link to my page


(the link seems to have disappeared)

Cheers, Gery

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