sábado, fevereiro 10, 2007

Real Politic in k-k-k-Canada

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"I've sucked the milk out of a thousand cows"
     Bob Dylan, Thunder on the Mountain.

I was musing over the list of Globe editorials published in the last week. You could easily think that very very little of any import whatsoever is happening anywhere in k-k-k-Canada. Kids on toboggans running their heads into trees ... and the like. Then I noticed today that Rex Murphy had been kicked from the up-front list of commentator/pundits - and having found his offering I can see why: it cuts a little close to the bone. They did not even provide the little button to allow for reader comments - reserved that for a discussion of why Canadian women apparently prefer chocolate to sex. (Good for that sez I - then there will be less of 'em for the next generation to deal with!)

10/02/07, Rex Murphy, Don't single out Alberta, (Source).

Pull Canada's greedy mouth from the tar-sands tit? Not bloody likely - and better than that (worse than that?) the notion must not even be mooted, or must at least be relegated to a back page.

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